It doesn’t insert data when the file is located in a network folder

I have a problem with the “Insert into database” action when the file I want to update is located in a shared folder on my network. When I test the rule, there is no problem. But when the rule is executed during a process, it doesn’t work. In the log, it says that it is not a valid path.

By default G-Lock Email Processor runs under the SYSTEM account. The SYSTEM account does not have access to any network resources.

Therefore if you want G-Lock Email Processor to save files, update databases, save attachments, etc. to network devices then you must run the service under a different user.

To do this, stop G-Lock Email Processor service by clicking on the “Stop Service” button.

Then go to Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools.

Click Services.

Select G-Lock Email Processor service.

Click the right mouse button and select Properties.

Click on the Log On tab on the Properties screen.

On the Log On tab un-select “Local System Account” and select “This Account”.

Select a local user account that has access to the network resources you want G-Lock Email Processor to be able to access.

Type the password and confirm it.

Click OK.

Restart G-Lock Email Processor service.

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