I get the error when I use a CSV Parser in the rule

In G-Lock Email Processor, I use a CSV Parser and I get the error message “Too many fields, or too many long string fields in this record. You must increase the internal record size of the CsvDataSet”. What can I do?

This error occurs if the CSV file you try to parse contains too many fields. Try to decrease the fields’ sizes in the rule text file.

Click on the “Open Rules Folder” option on the menu bar in G-Lock Email Processor.

Find the appropriate rule .txt file and open it in a text editor.

Find the fragment of the code related to the CSV Parser like below.

Replace 512 for each field with a smaller value. For example, if a field contains a long value, set it to 100. For short fields, it is enough to set 30 or 50.

FileName = ‘D:\test\[%Extract CSV attachment%]’
DebugFile = ‘D:\Temp\email.csv’
Delimiter = ‘,’
HasHeaderRow = True
CSVFields =
‘Email address:$512,First Name:$512,Last Name:$512,City:$512,Invo’ +
‘ice_number:$512,Subscribe Status:$512,UserIds:$512,Birthday:$512
object TConditionClass

Save the changes to the file and test how the CSV Parser works.

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