Why does it return invalid Yahoo emails as “Good”?

Why does the AEV not correctly verify Yahoo email addresses? Invalid Yahoo emails are marked as “Good”.

This false positive is caused by a strict anti-spam technology employed by some ISPs notably Yahoo. With Yahoo in particular, deactivated/suspended/expired emails are marked as Valid by the verifier because Yahoo regards these emails as valid or “existent” even though such emails are not active and cannot receive emails. Hence when you attempt to send your campaigns to such emails, they will bounce because the emails are not active.

With that said, Yahoo gives the correct response whether the email address is valid or not only after it receives a real message for the user. The Advanced Email Verifier does not send a real message to the user. It only imitates message sending.

Thus, before using the valid emails downloaded from the verifier, it is strongly advisable to remove all Yahoo emails from the list. You can save the yahoo emails to a separate file and add them to the unknown emails and use an automated bounce processing program to process the bounces to such emails using a private bounceto email address of your mail server.

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