I want to import and export emails with additional fields

I’m trying to import a new list but I can’t select the fields like first_name and last_name. Is there a way to import and export emails with additional fields?

Yes, you can import the email addresses together with custom fields like first names, last names and others and export the data in the same format after the verification is complete.

You need to add the respective fields to the list first. To do this:

1. Put the cursor at My Lists at the left pane.

2. Click on New -> Create New List.

3. Click on the Insert button and type the field name, for example, First_Name.

4. Select the field type and click Insert again to add another field.

5. When all the desired fields are added, click Create.

Now use the Import Wizard. The custom fields will be available for mapping in the Import Wizard.

To export good emails with additional fields to a file, use the Export Wizard.

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