It marks all emails as “Unknown”

I loaded a test list and run a verification. I get “Unknown” in the Verification Result for all email addresses. What does it mean?

If you use the direct internet connection option in the AEV settings (Connection), make sure that your ISP does not block the port 25. Go to the Settings -> Connection and click on the Test button.

If the test fails, it means that your ISP blocks the port 25 and you cannot verify email addresses in the direct connection mode. To be able to verify emails, consider these options:

1) use a web script provided with the Advanced Email Verifier if you have a website where you can upload the script;

2) use a socks proxy server. This option is recommended for users who have the knowledge to set up their own private socks proxy server so that it emulates the SMTP server.

3) use BPSocks email validation API. BPSocks is the 3rd party service. We are partnered with it to provide the Advanced Email Verifier users with the ability to use the Advanced Email Verifier for email verification if their ISP blocks the port 25. BPSocks email validation API is a paid option but it’s the most accurate and easy to use option.

If your settings are correct, but you still get the “Unknown” result for all emails, look at the LastResponse field or at the Log for those emails. There must be the explanation why the email address was marked as “Unknown”. There is a high probability that all emails are marked as “Unknown” by the program rules. You can read more about the Advanced Email Verifier Rules here.

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