What other tools do I need to have to make my emails go to Inbox?

If I buy G-Lock email sender, what are the other essential tools I need to have at hand in order to make my emails go straight to Inbox?

Besides G-Lock EasyMail7, you need to have an SMTP server or account with an SMTP relay service. G-Lock EasyMail7 works as a front-end to SMTP servers and delivery services. It means that you need to enter the details of the SMTP server that you will use with G-Lock EasyMail7 yourself. It can work with any 3rd party mail server.

If you don’t have your own mail server, you can get an account with a delivery service like Amazon SES, SparkPost, Mailgun, SendGrid or other and use their SMTP settings in G-Lock EasyMail7. So, the emails will be sent from the IPs of the SMTP server or delivery services.

You can read how to get the SMTP server to send emails on our blog.

Whether or not your emails will go to the Inbox depends on your sending reputation and infrastructure: the reputation of your sending email address/domain, your sending history, spam complaints, and bounces. G-Lock EasyMail7 will help you send emails but it’s about you to control what kind of emails you send and to whom.

G-Lock EasyMail7 is integrated with our GlockApps spam testing service that you can optionally use to test your sender reputation, Inbox rate and spam rate and measure your deliverability: https://easymail7.com/spam-filter-and-inbox-placement-testing/

Plus, you can optionally use our email tracking service G-Lock Analytics to track your email open rate and click rate.

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