What is the redirect script used for and how to upload it?

I don’t understand using redirect scripts. Why do I need to upload it to my site and how do I do it?

A redirect script is used to generate tracking links from regular links. You need to upload the redirect script to your website in order to brand tracking links with your domain instead of using links from a generic domain.

You can upload the script to any PHP or ASP site that allows executing scripts.

You can use an FTP client like FlashFXP to upload the redirect script to your website. If you have access to your cPanel, you can use the File Manager in the cPanel.

If your site is powered by WordPress, install the File Manager plugin for WordPress and use it to upload the redirect script.

If you don’t manage to upload the redirect script to your website yourself, feel free to send your website URL, login, and password for your FTP server to us at suppo[email protected] and we will upload the redirect script for you.

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