Can I merge a custom field into the tracking link?

Yes, you can merge your custom field into the tracking link.

That field will not be passed to G-Lock Analytics, it will be passed to the browser only and used to identify the recipient on the server to access certain content.

To merge a custom field into the tracking link, follow these steps.

Copy the tracking link from G-Lock Analytics and paste it into your email message instead of the original link. Example:

Note: the tracking link must already contain the merged Email field in order G-Lock Analytics can record unique clicks. So, be sure to check the “Use Merge Tag” option when you add the campaign and type the field name in the appropriate format supported by the Merge feature in your email sending program.

Now add the ? character after the Email field and type your custom field name in the right format, for example:

Note that you need to paste the tracking link and merge your custom field into the link in both HTML source and plain text part of the message.

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