What is the “Email merge tag” for?

What do I put into the “Email merge tag” field when I create a new campaign?

A merge tag is a special sequence of symbols recognized by an email software and replaced with associated data before email sending.

The representation of merge tags could be different and depends on software used. Here are some examples:

%%Email%% – G-Lock EasyMail7
[FirstName] – Direct Mail
%%emailaddr%% – Lyris

When you craete a new campaign on G-Lock Analytics, you must enter the merge tag for the email address in the format supported by your email software into the “Email merge tag” field.

For more detail on how to use merge tags in your mailing software refer to the software user manual.

The merge tag will be inserted into the tracking code and links and will be replaced by the recipient’s email address during sending. This allows our system to track the recipients who opened the email and who clicked links in the email and show the email addresses in the reports.

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