I don’t see email addresses in my reports

When you add a campaign on G-Lock Analytics, you see the “Email merge field” option. Check this option and type the name of the field that stores the recipients’ email addresses in your email program. Type the field name in the format that the Merge feature in your email program supports. It may be %%Email%% or [Email] or [Email Address] or the like.

After you add the campaign and use the merge tag, this field will be automatically inserted into your tracking links. You will then copy tracking links from G-Lock Analytics and use them in your email message.

If you use G-Lock EasyMail7 to send emails, you don’t need to merge the recipient’s email address into the tracking links. EasyMail7 does that automatically during the sending process. Just create your email, add a campaign from EasyMail7 and click “Send”. EasyMail7 will do the rest itself.

You can read this tutorial for more information about how to track emails with EasyMail7 and G-Lock Analytics.

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